Our name stands for quality

Owner managed, with recognised expertise and - in the very best sense - typically north German, Bagela is a family-owned company which has built an international reputation as a manufacturer of cable laying technology, pipe renewal winches and asphalt recyclers. The name Bagela stands for robust, tried and tested quality, for outstanding workmanship and durability, and for the innovative and long-lived technology of all our products.

The company is based in Kaltenkirchen, 40 km to the north of Hamburg. Here, at its home base, the company develops, designs and manufactures quality products which are the outcome of a huge amount of personal commitment and passion.

Bagela has a closely-woven sales network for the whole of Germany, Europe and the world.

We love putting our engineering know-how into practise

Bagela is a family-owned company with a highly efficient structure which enables our employees to make the very most of their skills. Benefit from our wealth of experience, engineering ingenuity and high-quality "Made in Germany" products. The combination of the German professional training system, experienced employees and flexible management has engendered a highly innovation-focused mindset which is reflected in our range of products. 

While our innovative focus produces superb technology – which in many cases leaves its competitors far behind – our customer orientation guarantees proximity, short delivery periods and a commitment to meeting your unique requirements.

Benchmarks – made by Bagela

Would you ever have thought that the world leader in production of machines for mobile asphalt recycling would be based in Kaltenkirchen in Schleswig Holstein and operate under the name Bagela? That is just one example of our innovativeness. In collaboration with Tracto-Technik we are also leaders in pipe renewal winches.

Be it patents, the latest materials, ergonomics or new designs – Bagela sets standards. Bagela is also a pioneer in the field of environmental protection and the implementation of requirements associated with the energy transition.

Fostering close contact with our customers and delivering competitive advantages

There are good reasons for maintaining such a closely-woven network of partners in Germany, Europe and all around the world. We maintain family-like relationships with our sales partners which go back many years. This also ensures that our sales partners are extremely well trained. This also represents a clear competitive advantage for our customers: they always have someone close to them who knows exactly what they are talking about and can also provide service and advice as well as rented machines if need be.

We do everything humanly possible to help you fulfill your mission and to delight you with the quality of advice and service.

Bagela: the facts, figures and dates

  • Founded in December 1984
  • An owner-managed family-run business
  • Company head office: Kaltenkirchen in Schleswig-Holstein, around 40 km to the north of Hamburg
  • Currently employs a team of 55 people, plus 30 staff with subcontractors in the region
  • 18,000m² of production and storage space based in grounds which cover approximately 40,000m²
  • Sales partner in over 70 countries all around the world

Bagela offers solutions

  • For power supplies: Medium and high-voltage grids, cabling of local networks
  • For the expansion of telecommunications networks: Machines for "Fibre To The Home" projects
  • For pipe renewal: Technologies for renewal of water, waste water and gas pipe networks
  • For the resource-conserving and environmentally friendly recycling of asphalt