Bagela 100 to winch, landing of undersea cable

Foto: 50Hertz

The project Ostwind 1 of the 50 Hertz Transmission GmbH contains the connection of the wind parks Winking and Arkona-Becken with 130 wind turbines which will deliver gradually 735 MW energy to the transformer station Lubmin. These wind parks are located 42 km in the northeast oft the island Rügen in the Baltic Sea in about 90 km distance to the coast near Lubmin. 
The offshore line was completed by trenchless technology with HDD machines and the whole building site bordered by a sheet pile for protection of the damageable environment.

The 19th of December the first undersea cable was landed and pulled onshore. The lay barge BODO CONSTRCTOR anchored 800 m off the protection pipe and the BAGEA winch pulled the cable with a total weight of 220 t at a distance of 1400 m to the building site. The cable has a pulling force limit of 38 t and an outer diameter of 270 mm. The pull stayed clearly below the limit.

Report from "bi Umweltbau" PDF-file in German

RW 100, landing of undersea cable (1.6 MiB)