The end of tendonitis and work breaks: Increase and mechanize your insertion processes with the cable pusher!

Light, compact and easy to use, the BKS 400 can be installed in 5 minutes. This reduces the workload of the worker significantly and simplifies the transfer and withdrawal processes.

This equipment is available for sale and rental. It consists of the cable pusher, the hydraulic power pack and the hydraulic control unit.

• Strong pushing force from 4 to 12 kN depending on the model
• Available in 2 versions: hydraulic or electric
• Compact and light: easy to transport and ideal in a confined space
• Avoids costly cable cuts and increases the laying length
• Autonomous or synchronized operation with a winch for cable laying, pipe laying or renovation.

On this fiber optic laying site, the french company "Lambdacom" used the Bagela BKS 400 cable pusher to pull a cable ø 11 mm in an occupied pipe (2 strands existing in a ø 45 mm pipe). This equipment allowed to push and pull with a pushing strenght of 4 kN over 300 meters and avoided the intervention of a civil engineering team. Without the Bagela cable pusher the pulling operation would have failed.

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