Pulling of two steel pipes

For the pulling of two steel pipes 650 m in length (diameter 400 mm / 150 t) Denys rented two RW 20 winches with a pulling force of 20 t each from our partner in France. Thanks to their automatic pretensioning, the speed of both winches was synchronized, so that the force summed up. In this way, it is possible to apply a force of 40 tons and up to 80 tons via a diverter. This combination became necessary as the RW40 (40 ton traction) was not available for the desired period of time.


Underpassing of the river Hérault

For the underpassing of the river Hérault north of the town of Saint Thibery (tunnel ø 1600 mm) on 350 m length with a curve radius of 1000 m also an RW 20 with a pulling force of 20 tons was rented out to SOGEA SUD to pull in a DN 1000 steel pipe.

Both sites were supervised by our partner in France:

RDS Fance
Equipements multimétiers, de spécialistes à spécialistes
87 quai de Brazza – 33100 Bordeaux