Repair of concrete autobahn with aspahlt

188 damaged spots were located on the concrete surface oft the autobahn A1 close to Lübeck in January 2016. A makeshift repair was immediately demanded. The outdoor temperature was below freeze point and concrete not usable for restoration.
Looking for alternatives the autobahn maintenance in Bad Oldesloe came across an asphalt solution. The idea was to fill the potholes with asphalt on an interim basis and for a reasonable repair later on with better weather conditions.

Using asphalt emulsion would last especially with the heavy load traffic only a few days or weeks. The alternative was a mobile Bagela asphalt recycler. The asphalt lumps were heated carefully by the Bagela BA 10000 F at the building site and the potholes could get filled directly.

After several appraisals of the repaired spots it was decided that this temporary solution could last for a longer period. According to autobahn maintenance in Bad Oldesloe it is pursued to leave them in this state until a complete road surface rehabilitation will be done.
For the future occurring potholes in the concrete surface in winter will be repaired with hot asphalt.

The Bagela Asphalt Recycler could recycle asphalt lumps as well as milled material. Especially with repair of asphalt surfaces, after channel construction or cable laying in winter, when the asphalt plants are closed, the Bagela Asphalt Recycler provides a cost-saving option to reduce road closures to a minimum. Elaborate maintenance bypasses lapse and with it long time road closures or traffic disturbances.

Report in "Straße und Autobahn" als PDF

Sanierung von Betonautobahnen mit Heißasphalt (1.1 MiB)