BA 4000

  • environmentally friendly
  • independent
  • cost-saving
  • mechanical charging by height-adjustable charging tray
  • discharge direct into power shovel
  • discharge into commercial-type wheel barrows
  • direct discharge via rear gate into the haedhole


The Recycler BA 4000 is ideal for cable and pipe grid maintenance.
Wherever repairs have to be made to cable or pipes below asphalt pavements, irrespective of time of day or year, with the Bagela Asphalt Recycler BA 4000 any cut-out pavement will be closed quickly, and any obstructions to traffic will soon be cleared.

  • approved safety
  • sound-proved engine
  • thermostat-controlled oil heater
  • mechanical charging
  • hydraulic power transmission
  • bottom discharge (e.g. into normal wheel barrow)
  • carriage with automatic reversing brake release


Major features of BA 4000

  • Indirect heating by oil burner with separate combustion chamber
    The burner uses standard light fuel oil which is available almost everywhere. Maximum fuel economy is achieved by the hot-air guiding segments.
  • The machine is easy to operate and to keep under control.
    The hydraulic power transmission allows delicate control of the rotary speed and position of the mixing drum. The drum filling level and the mix temperature are indicated by easily readable meters.
  • The tandem carriage 
    ensures good stability of the machine during mixing.

Technical Data

Drum Capacity   800 kg
GHenerator:   2.0 KVA
Heat output  up to 4 tonne/h
Carriage Tandem carriage, rubber spring axle,  overrunning brake Height adjustable tow bar, Ball-type or lug-type (DIN-standard) trailing coupling
Tyres: 195/70 R14
Length mm
Width mm
Height mm
Weight kg
Diesel engine
Flow capacity tonne/h
Oil Burner kW
Oil consumption kg/tonne
Order No.
Hatz 1D41, 4,8 kW
up to 4

Specifications are subjects to change without notice, output details are depending on use conditions

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