Measurement, control and recording devices

Automatic pull hold-on (static pull) system with pulling force preselector and measuring dial

As soon as the actual pulling force reaches the preselected level, the pump will divert the hydraulic flow automatically to the overflow path and will thus keep a static pull on the line.

Order No. 000.002.90

Measuring dial with preselectable limiting switch

As soon as the preselected pulling force is reached, the pull will be interrupted.

Order No. 104.500.92

PC 310 pulling force control and recording device

A robust and closed for the rental park suitable pulling force control and recording device.

The PC 310 is characterised by a very simple operation, based on symbols on the touch screen. Via USB-Port the recorded data could be journalised by the provided printer directly at the building site or transferred to data logger.

PC 210 Pulling Force Control and recording device
  • Date / Time
  • Pulling force / Shut-off Value
  • Pulling Speed
  • Bar chart in relation to the rope length
  • Settings
  • Record
  • Start / Stop (recording)
  • Odometer

Order No. 110.521.00