Injection system Powerflow
Designed to blow in optical fibre cable from dia.: 8-22mm into ducts of a dia. 32-50 mm. It is suitable for air- and water blowing. The drive chains are propelled by two low-wear and low-noise hydraulic motors which enable for- and backward movement of the cable. Only a few changes are necessary to change to different cable or pipe sizes. Flex-Block included

Technical Data:  
max. speed: 80 m/min
required air flow: 10 m³/min
required air pressure: 12 bar
Control unit and Power Pack (125 bar / 15 l/min) essential!
Order No.  111.200.10
Flex Block (Blowing Junction Block) Order No. 111.282.10

Cable of dia. 8 - 27 mm can be injected into protective pipes of 32, 40 and 50 mm diameter.

Hydraulic Control Unit Order No. 111.420.00

With the control unit pressure and speed are regulated. The chains of the particular injection system are set in motion by the lever. The Power Pack is required for Bagela Powerflow, Multiflow und Miniflow.

Additional accessory

Cable guide "flex"
for single cable. It is to be inserted in the Blowing junction block.

Order No.
Cable diameter
8 - 12 mm
13 - 17 mm
18 - 22 mm
23 - 27 mm

Odometer Order No. 111.240.00
The measuring system can be hinged onto the Powerflow or Multiflow as an additional unit. The length corresponding to the forward and backward movements  is indicated and saved. The data could be transferred to the EPD system. Measuring range 0- 9999 m

Spare and wear parts

Drive chain Order No. 111.222.00
The drive unit constructed for cable dia. 8-27mm consists of two superimposed conveyor chains, provided with special rubber profile. The drive chains pull the cable from the drum into the blowing junction block wherefrom it is inserted into the tube by air or water pressure. It is recommended to change both drive chains at the same time.

Chain rail Order No. 111.220.00
The chain rail, made from brass, supports the upper and lower drive chain. It is recommended to change the top / bottom rail at the same time.

Cable sealing ring
The sealing is to be inserted into the Cable guide (3 pieces per cable guide)

Order no.
Cable diameter
8 mm
9 mm
10 mm
27 mm

Cable guide roller, horizontal Order No. 111.224.00
The horizontal cable guide rollers lead and protect the fibre cable by the entry into the Powerflow

Cable guide roller, vertical Order No. 111.225.00
The vertical cable guide rollers lead and protect the fibre cable by the entry into the Powerflow.

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