Cable extraction and cutting device CPC

  • Efficient extraction and cutting of cables out of duct systems of the telecommunication or railway companies.

  • Useful for renewal of high voltage cables by using HDD rigs.

  • For all kind of dismantling purposes of industrial or power plants.

High economy
The Bagela CPC-system manages the continuous extraction and cutting of several
cables and different diameters in one process. The cutting time depending to the
number of cables is only 3 up to 5 seconds.

High level of safety standard
The front props of the Bagela CPC-system grant an absolute stabile position, by
shoring up against the cable duct. A steel frame covers all movable or rotating
components. The level of paying out channel supports the storing of the material into boxes.
There is no risk to endanger other participants in traffic, no folding guards are
necessary and the surface will be protected. All operations are manually and equipped by „dead man“ – functions.

Operation: Installing of CPC
The CPC can be positioned in front of the duct system by a wheel loader. The forks are fitting in the openings of the basic frame. The extendable front props grant a safe fixing of the CPC, at least the unit has to be connected to the hydraulic supply of the wheel loader.

Tearing of and extraction of the cable
A chain drive pulls the cable into the machine where the rollers start the extraction. Up to 6 cables depending on the Ø, can be pulled and cut in one process. According to the quantity of oil disposed by the wheel loader, the cables are cut in a matter of seconds. The client is able to measure the quantity of scrap metal and the handling of short pieces is much easier.

Patent registered!

Technische Daten:
Force Chain drive kN
Force Rollers kN
max. Hydr. Supply l/min // bar
Length mm
Width mm
Height mm
Weight kg
Order No.
CPC 30
40 // 250
CPC 100
40 // 250

Attention: Lower oil quantities reduce the working speed. The hydraulic source has to be equipped without pressure-less return flow.

Specifications are subjects to change without notice

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