BTT 130.80V hydraulically widenable

The connection of the expanding renewal energy e.g. offshore wind parks demands a massive net extension. Instead of overhead lines, high-voltage cables with large conductor cross-sections are laid in the ground. In order to avoid cable joint boxes the cable manufacturers produce the greatest possible lengths and supply the cable only on broad drums what means the laying with conventional trailers could not be managed.

Cable Drum Transport and Laying Trailer BTT 130.80V could be extended hydraulically. The air suspension enables the laterally lowering of the trailer to adapt to angular standing drums on difficult ground.
The U-type design of the trailer, open at the rear, enables the mounting of a different triangle towing bar in which the hydraulic cylinders for the widening function are implemented.

• Simple extending operation of the trailer and the drum drive via the own hydraulic system
• Just secure in the required width with the locking bolts, ready
• The drum axles in the suitable length are fixed at the trailer

BTT 131.80V narrowest way

The total width of the retracted trailers is 2550mm, so you need no special permit for a MOT approval. A maximum widening up to 4000mm can be reached at the building site. The maximum loading width could be extended from 1690mm up to 3090mm. (The dimensions are depending on the trailer type)
The drum drive is divided and will proceed the extending automatically.


BTT 131.80V extended


The operation instruments for loading and controlling the drum drive are located at the left rear side. The operation lever for extending at the left front. While this function the trailer must be moved.

We build all hydraulic extendable trailers in fixed version which is flanged too.

Technical data:
Pay Load kg
Total Weight kg
Max. Drum Ø mm
Loading Width mm
Length mm
Width mm
Height mm
Max. km/h
Order No.
air pressure

Specifications are subjects to change without notice

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