BRT 65

For winding and transporting compact inline pipe of 400 mm dia., reels of an outer diameter of 3700 mm are needed. For carrying such large reels we have designed our trailer BRT 65 with an open rear side to enable the reel to be placed inside the trailer frame for being picked up. Serially the trailer is equipped with a rear gate to be opened to one side.  

Two vertical pocket jacks, which may independently be moved up and down by an engine-driven hydraulic drive system and which are secured for transport by locking pins, lift the reel.

The twin roller reel drive system for turning and braking the reel is also driven by this hydraulic drive system.

Hydraulic reel drive and brake
The twin driving rollers, each running on three bearings, have a diameter of 150 mm and thus provide high frictional power. Each roller consists of several segments.

Advantage: Since the rollers are worn locally, i.e. where they get into contact with the reel flanges, there is no need of replacing both rollers at the same time; instead the segments may be interchanged among one another.

Mechanical drum brake
In order to resist the high expansion power of the „Compact Pipe“ coil, the twin driving rollers are equipped with a mechanical disk brake.

Central control board at the rear and hydraulic rear supports

Advantage: All controls are provided at a central position at the rear for easy reel handling, i.e. loading, unloading, reeling and unreeling.

Tiltable bumper frame
In vertical position the bumper frame serves as stabilizer. On the site, when the compact liner is unreeled from the trailer and inserted into a pipe, the bumper frame may be tilted into horizontal position, so that the adjustable roller frames in it are positioned above the insertion pit to guide the compact pipe downward.

- high stability of the trailer during transport
- no rearrangement needed for insertion of the compact liner

Technical data:
Pay Load kg
Empty Weight kg
Total Weight kg
Max. Drum Ø mm
Max. Drum Width mm
Length mm
Width mm
Height mm
Order No.
BRT 65
air pressure

Specifications are subjects to change without notice

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