KTW 500 and KTW 1005

The cable winch KTW 500 is a universal tool for a wide range of applications.

In underground pipe renewal, the winch may be used for pulling and positioning measuring instruments or cameras or for pulling heavy winch ropes into pipes.

For cable pulling, the winch may be equipped with a pulling force measuring clockwork. The winch is specially suited for laying light power and control cable on ships, and in industrial power plants. Owing to its compactness and light weight it may be used as part of the outfit of any normal workshop van.

The winch is extremely easy to operate. For rope payout, the drum is disengaged from the chain drive. For pulling, the chain drive is re-engaged, the engine is started by hand and the pulling speed is controlled by the hydraulic controll lever, which ensures  jerkless pulling.

By means of the hand-wheel on top, the rope van easily and neatly be stacked onto the drum during pulling.

Cable Pulling Winch KTW 1005

Die KTW 1005 is euipped with diesel engine, two wheels, towing bar and an automatic rope layer.

In interaction with a pipe renewal winch the KTW 1005 is used as a mooring winch. The dismountable triple beam is used for lifting and lowering of the cleaning tools.

Both winches  are finished  in RAL 3020, traffic red.

Special outfit for KTW 500 and KTW 1005:
hydraulically pulling force measuring clockwork without pull limiting switch, Order No. 013.550.90

Type Max.
Pulling force
Pulling speed
Engine Rope
Length Width Height Weight Order No.
  kN m/min kW mm mm mm mm mm kg  
KTW 500   5 0-20 4 Petrol 200 6 1040 600 500 220 013.500.00
KTW 1005 10 0-15 4 Diesel 230 8 1040 600 550 260 013.500.11

Specifications are subjects to change without notice

Specifications are subjects to change without notice

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