RW 1500

The winch Type RW 1500 is ideal for pulling inline hoses into sewers. Owing to its compactness it may be used as part of the outfit of most types of workshop vans. It can easily be moved over sewer pits on its castor wheels. 
For vertical pulling over sewer pits, the four props are drawn out and fixed. A gasoline engine drives the hydraulic gear and a hand wheel between 0 and max controls the pulling speed. 5 m/min. The rope is automatically stacked onto the drum. For payout, the drum is disengaged from its drive. Upon request the winch will be delivered with electric motor for use in closed rooms.
The winch will be delivered with 200 m of steel rope of 8 mm diameter for a maximum pulling force of 15 kN. Upon request a rope of max. 250 m will be furnished.

Order No.: 007.700.06

Technical data:
Max. Pulling Force kN
Max. Pulling Speed m/min
Engine kW
Rope length mm
Rope Ø mm
Länge mm
Length mm
Width mm
Heigth mm
Weigth kg
Order No.
RW 1500
4 Benzin

Specifications are subjects to change without notice

Manhole tensioning pulley

There is hardly ever space enough between the tube exit and the deflection pulley when cleaning appliances or cameras are pulled through. Using the Bagela tensioning pulley the space of the shole cross section of the manhole may be used.
The deflection pulley is set against the manhole wall and tightened with two threaded spindles. Due to the inclined position of the spindles the pulley is increasingly pressed against the manhole wall with increasing pulling force. The groove and size of the pulley allow it to be used also for camera cable. The rope or cable is held on the pulley by means of three pins.

Max. Working load
20 kN
29,2 kg
50 kN
52 kg

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