Pipe Renewal

Reconstruction Technologies

Pipe Cracking
When cracking underground cast-iron pipes the winch will have to pull the cracking mole (PIM) through various obstructions, such as bell- and- spigot joints, sleeves, leak clamps etc. To avoid overstressing of the cracking mole each Bagela Pipe Renewal Winch is equipped with a line pull pre-selecting device, i.e. the pre-selected line speed is much higher than the pipe cracking speed. This system works as follows: as soon as the pre-selected line pull is reached, the hydraulic pump will be automatically controlled down to the line speed required to keep the
pre-selected rope tension, or simply speaking, to keep the rope tight. So, whenever the cracking mole comes against an obstruction, such as a bell- and- spigot joint, the line speed will be controlled down to zero and the winching rope be kept tight until the mole overcomes the resistance. Then the line speed is immediately increased to pre-selected line pull. In that way the rope will never become slack with the risk of being damaged by the mole.

Pipe Cleaning
Much power is required to remove any internal incrustations from pipes. This will be achieved by pre-selecting high line pull at low line speed.

Pipe Relining
by the roll down or swage line method.

Pipe relining by roll down machine and Bagela Winch:
The task of the winch is to pull the new polyethylene liner into the old pipe after it has been reduced in diameter by the roll down machine. Generally there is only little friction when the liner is inserted into the carrier pipe. However, as the liners pushed intermittently through the roll down machine, the pulling operation of the winch will be jerky too. But thanks to the automatic tensioning system incorporated in the Bagela winch there will always be a steady and even line pull without any risk of overstressing the polyethylene liner.

Pipe relining by swage line machine and Bagela Winch:
In the swage line method heating the liner and drawing it through a die reduces the diameter of the polyethylene liner. To draw the PE liner into the carrier pipe, a steady and even line pull by the winch is required. If the line pull slackens down the PE liner may regain is original diameter and get stuck in the carrier pipe. This will never happen with the automatic tensioning system of the Bagela Winch.

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