Wind park connection

RKW 5000 
Pulling in three 110 kV continuous current cable in a trench
The trail has a good outfit of rollers and corner rollers. Before entering a pipe the cable is to be greased with cable slip additive. Two telescopic rear jack-holder and two pretension jacks secure the winch to the ground.
In comparison to the KW 5000 the RKW 5000 is fitted out with an automatic hold-on-pull-system. In a complicated winding trail or long culverts the top puling force would exceed the allowed pulling force. Several cable pushers have to be positioned in front the corners for exoneration. Because of the automatic hold-on-pull-system the RKW would adapt to the pushers speed.
The data of the pulled length, speed and pulling force are indicated at the pulling force control and recording device, PC 210 during the whole pulling procedure. Thereafter a protocol can be printed directly by an integrated printer or the data can be imported via SD-Card in the company computer system. The max. pulling force can be preselected by the automatic hold-on-pull-system.

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